How to Plan a Hawaii Luau Party

Are you looking for a party theme? If so, you should consider a Hawaii party. The U.S. state is many people’s epitome of paradise, and a Hawaii-themed party can help to make the guests feel that they’re at a Hawaiian Luau. Here are some helpful issues to remember:



This is one of the best ways to plan your Hawaii party. Simply decorate your invitations, so they include a Hawaii luau theme.

You can add some simple items to the invitation. They include a dancing hula girl, hibiscus blossom, or Hawaiian phrase “ho’olukomo la kaua” that means “Please join us.”

Adding these touches to your invitations will get your guests into a luau frame of mind. It will get them excited about the party, which is part of making the event a memorable one for everyone who attends it.



Mai Tai has become a common item at Hawaii luaus since Elvis Presley’s 1961 movie “Blue Hawaii.” If you want to make your party like a real Hawaii party, then you should consider including the cocktail at your event.

There are some question marks about when the drink was invented, although it seems to be in the 1930s or 1940 and ironically in California. In any case, this is a great addition for your luau. You’ll need:


light/dark rum

orgeat syrup

orange curacao

fresh pineapple juice


This will help to provide your guests with a refreshing tropical drink that they won’t soon forget. Make sure to use top-notch ingredients to make the beverage as tasty as possible.


Dress Code

There’s nothing like getting the guests into the swing of things by asking them to wear Aloha wear. Just about everyone is familiar with “Hawaiian shirts,” but you could give some other ideas to make the guests’ gear seem more authentic.

In fact, there are tons of other items that your guests could wear to the party. The Aloha Wear can be purchased at places where you can purchase outfits for other types of theme parties. Make sure to research which items you should consider looking like you’re going to a real luau.



It’s important to choose décor that will create the environment of a real luau. They include flowers, tiki torches, and so on. This will make the event seem like a real Hawaii luau party. You can create enterprises using bamboo/coconut shell holders as well as hibiscus blossoms. This will add to the environment of a genuine luau.



What would a party be without tasty food? You can include Hawaii luau dishes to make the event seem authentic. They include coconut pudding, fresh pineapple, and grilled mahi-mahi. These dishes are some of the best options to make your luau the best it can be.

Another option is to create fusion disuse by combining Asian dishes (e.g. Teriyaki beef) with Hawaiian dishes including luau chicken and poi.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a small fortune. You can find easy recipes to prepare luau dishes.